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Modular Design Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 20-120s Analysis Time 20MHz Oscillation Frequency

Modular Design Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 20-120s Analysis Time 20MHz Oscillation Frequency

    • Modular Design Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 20-120s Analysis Time 20MHz Oscillation Frequency
    • Modular Design Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 20-120s Analysis Time 20MHz Oscillation Frequency
  • Modular Design Carbon Sulfur Analyzer 20-120s Analysis Time 20MHz Oscillation Frequency

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: WUWAY
    Model Number: WW-CS2002BH

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
    Packaging Details: wood box
    Delivery Time: 15 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 20 + pcs + per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Name: High-frequency Infrared Carbon And Sulfur Analyzer Analysis Channels: 20 Analysis Channels And 100 Release Curves
    Measurement Range: Carbon ω (C) 0.000001% ~ 99.999999% Sulfur ω (S) 0.000001% ~ 99.999999% Analytical Precision: C : ≤ RSD 0.5 % . S : RSD ≤ 1.0 %
    Chip: 24 Bits Chip From Analog Devices Light Source: Lastest Platinum Infrared Light Source Technology, High Efficiency, Stable Spectrum
    High Light:

    carbon monoxide analyzer


    sulphur testing equipment

    High-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer combined with high-frequency induction combustion furnace can quickly and accurately determine steel, alloy, non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals, cement, ore, coke, coal, slag, ceramics, catalysts, foundry core sand, iron ore The content of carbon and sulfur in inorganic materials and other materials.
    This product is the crystallization of international and domestic advanced technology integration. It is a collection of light. The high-tech products of machine, electricity, computer and analytical technology are multi-technology domestically leading, and the performance of the whole machine can be comparable with imported products. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, strong anti-interference ability, complete functions, simple operation and fast and accurate analysis results.
    main specifications
    Electric pressureAC220V±5%, frequency 50HZ±2%
    Measurement rangeC: 0.000001%~99.999999%
    S: 0.000001%~99.999999%
    Analytical precisionC:≤RSD0.5%. S:RSD≤1.0%
    Analysis time20-120s (normally 35s)
    Analytic errormeet standard:C: ISO9556, JJG395-97 S: ISO4935, JJG395-97
    Oscillation frequency20MHz
    Burning power2.8KVA—7.5KVA( adjustable)
    Working environmentIndoor temperature: 5℃~35℃
    Relative humidity: 45-85%
    Oxygen: puritynot less than 99.5%
    1. Measurement range: carbon ω (C) 0.000001% ~ 99.999999% sulfur ω (S) 0.000001% ~ 99.999999%
    2. Analysis accuracy: carbon RSD is less than or equal to 0.5%; sulfur RSD is less than or equal to 1.0%
    3. Sensitivity: 0.01ppm
    4. Analysis time: adjustable from 20 to 120 seconds, usually 35 seconds
    5. Analysis error: in line with GB/T20123-2006/ISO15350:2000 standard
    6. Oscillation frequency: 20MHz
    7. Burning power: 2.8KVA - 7.5KVA (automatic adjustment).
    8. Working environment: room temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C, relative humidity 45-85%
    9. Electric pressure: AC220V±5%, frequency 50HZ±2%
    10. Oxygen: purity is greater than 99.5% (no nitrogen required)
    Instrument features

    Infrared detection system
    1. Circuit design: The whole machine adopts modular design, the electronic circuit is highly integrated, stable and reliable; at the same time, multi-level isolation is adopted to completely solve high-frequency interference.
    2. Sampling: It adopts 24-bit sampling chip of Analog DCvices of the United States, which has high speed and high precision.
    3. Power supply: High-quality linear integrated military-grade module power supply with stable output and no faults.
    4. Light source: Specially made new platinum infrared light source with high efficiency and stable spectral characteristics.
    5. Analysis pool: gold-plated carbon-sulfur analysis tank and high-precision pyroelectric infrared detector, analyze the pool signal full tracking, automatic compensation,
    6. automatic adjustment.
    7. Motor: Special infrared motor with good thermal stability.
    8. two sets of carbon and sulfur analysis pools

    High frequency combustion system
    1. High-frequency circuit: The self-excited directional coupler is used to take power feedback to ensure the output power is consistent, so that the sample is fully burned and the stability is good.
    2. High-frequency high-power circuit design: 7.5kvA high-frequency power tube (actually 2.5kvA).
    3. Military products: ceramic high-power tubes and ceramic vacuum capacitors (100A).
    4. High-frequency control circuit: Automatically detects the working condition of solenoid valve, lifting cylinder and high-frequency furnace.
    5. Automatic obsolete/overcurrent alarm: Protect the high frequency furnace from working in normal condition.
    6. Analytical gas flow is controlled by high-precision flowmeter, and the analysis results are more stable and reliable.
    7.The high-frequency furnace is equipped with an ultra-microporous “non-blocking” metal filter to ensure complete separation of dust and gas.
    8.Pneumatic burner automatic cleaning device, cleaning is more clean and thorough, reducing the impact of dust on the analysis results.
    9.The instrument has an oxygen purification device and a tail gas treatment device.

    Software features
    1. WINDOWS XP color surface, clear interface, easy to operate.
    2. Independent infrared analysis software, full-featured, with more than forty functions such as channel selection, data statistics, breakpoint correction, result correction, system detection, system diagnosis.
    3. Linear data in the linear table can be corrected for high, medium and low linear data.
    4. Dynamic display of real-time data and carbon and sulfur release curves of the analysis process.
    5. 20 analysis channels are available (10 channels for carbon and sulfur), and can be arbitrarily matched with a wide selection range.
    6. 100 carbon and sulfur release curves (50 each), stored at any time, and compare carbon and sulfur release curves at any time.
    7. Full-scale linearization calibration technology, single-point and multi-point calibration, can establish one, two, three and multiple linear correction equations, improve the linearity of the system and the correctness of the analytical data.
    8. It can communicate with the data center or the pre-furnace report.
    9. Can communicate with any brand of computer
    10.Multiple print output modes
    11.Can communicate with any brand of electronic balance
    12. Equipped with laser printer
    main applications
    It is mainly used in new power energy, metallurgy, machinery, mine, commodity inspection,
    nuke industry, coal, auto industry, ship industry, aircraft industry, food industry,
    building materials, university, geology, petrochemical industry and so on.
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