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Full Spectrum Ccd Spectrometer Platinum Infrared Light Source Direct Reading Data

Full Spectrum Ccd Spectrometer Platinum Infrared Light Source Direct Reading Data

    • Full Spectrum Ccd Spectrometer Platinum Infrared Light Source Direct Reading Data
    • Full Spectrum Ccd Spectrometer Platinum Infrared Light Source Direct Reading Data
  • Full Spectrum Ccd Spectrometer Platinum Infrared Light Source Direct Reading Data

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: WUWAY
    Model Number: WW-CCD1000

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
    Packaging Details: wood box
    Delivery Time: 15 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 20 + pcs + per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Name: CCD Spectrometers OES Supply Power: Special New Platinum Infrared Light Source
    Detector: CCD Exported From Europe Or Japan Feature: Detect All Elements At One Time
    Functions: It Is Used To Analysis The Elements In The Metal Sample Applications: Used In Metallurgy, Foundry, Machinery, Metallurgy, Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Research, Product Inspection
    High Light:

    spark emission spectrometer


    uv spectroscopy machine

    Spectrometer optical system:


    1. Light room: simple structure, clean light room, stable system, long service life, maintenance free for life (recommended: constant temperature vacuum type, is the mainstream technology adopted by the world spectrometer industry)
    2. Light chamber vacuum leakage rate: vacuum pump automatic start and stop function, 24 hours vacuum pump start work must not exceed 4 times, no more than 20 minutes each time
    3. Paschen-Longge structure, Roland circular optical system
    4. Roland diameter: 400mm
    5. Effective wavelength range: 130 – 800 nm
    6. Detector: multiple high performance linear array CCD
    7. Light room temperature: automatic control constant temperature: 34 ° C ± 0.3 ° C
    8. Pixel resolution: 10pm
    9. Grating line: 3600 l/mm
    10. First-order spectral line dispersion rate: 1.2 nm/mm
    11. External incident window for easy cleaning and replacement
    12. Excellent drift correction function - thanks to automatic peak finding (accuracy up to 0.1 pixels)
    13. Excellent UV sensitivity thanks to new and improved vacuum technology




    Its main use is to analysis the elements in the metal sample. QR-9 series full-spectrum direct-reading spectrometer adopts international standard design and manufacturing technology, adopts full-digital technology, replaces the huge photomultiplier tube (PMT) simulation technology, synchronizes with international spectrometer technology, uses vacuum optical chamber design and full-digital excitation light source, leading CCD detector, high-speed data readout system. The instrument has high performance, low detection limit, long term stability and repeatability.


    main feature:

    1. The world's advanced second-generation full-spectrum spectrometer technology (digital technology replaces the old-fashioned bulky and bulky photomultiplier tube simulation technology), the channel is no longer restricted
    2. Introducing European technology, domestic manufacturer of CCD full spectrum vacuum spectrometer
    3. There is no need to change the channel within the base area.
    4. Can be upgraded to other bases without adding hardware
    5. Excellent data stability, good time consistency can be obtained by analyzing different time segments of the same sample.
    6. Small size, light weight, easy to move and install
    7. High integration, high reliability, high stability
    8. Power saving, material saving and energy consumption are only 50% of ordinary spectrometers.


    Digital plasma generator:


    1. All-digital plasma spark source technology
    2. Efficient thanks to compact design and semiconductor control technology
    3. High energy pre-combustion technology (HEPS)
    4. The excitation parameters can be customized by the user according to the actual needs through the user interface.
    5. Frequency 100 – 1000Hz
    6. Current 1-400A


    Optimized sample stage:


    1. Open sample stage design to meet large sample test requirements
    2.4mm sample stage analysis gap
    3. "Spray electrode" technology easily handle small samples and complex geometry samples
    4. Low argon consumption, standby: no standby flow required
    5. Universal Adjustable Sample Adapter
    6. Different bases can easily replace the corresponding spark table
    7. Optimized impurity discharge system
    8. Strong copper sample stage for excellent heat dissipation


    Computer and readout system:


    1. Brand computer: Lenovo
    2. Data output:
    3. Data is stored in multiple data formats
    4. Can be connected to various standard printing equipment
    5. Data can be transmitted remotely via the Internet.


    Software system


    1.Windows XP operating system
    2. Spectrometer operating software
    3. Optional data maintenance program


    power supply:


    1. AC220 V /50 Hz
    2. Maximum power 1500 W
    3. Average power 1200 W
    4. Standby power 70 W
    5. 16 A slow blow fuse


    Argon requirements:


    1. Pure argon gas, 99.999%; Argon gas pressure reducing valve (specially equipped with pressure reducing valve);
    2. Air pressure 4-5bar,
    3. Copper tube transmission



    Detecting matrix

    Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ti, Ni, Pb, Co, Mg, and their Alloys

    Detecting time

    Normally 25s

    Optical Structure

    Paschen-Runge mount

    Focal Distance


    Wavelength range



    High resolution CCD Multi detectors


    Tungsten Spray discharge electrode

    Analytical Gap


    Vacuum Degree

    Auto control within 6-15 pa

    Pixel resolution


    Spectral Line Dispersive Power


    Spark Source Type

    Digital arc and spark source/high energy pre-spark technology(HEPS)

    Spark Frequency


    Discharge Current

    max. 380A

    Ignition voltage


    Argon Purity

    99.999%, Argon pressure >4Mpa

    Argon consumption

    3.5L/min in sparking mode, 0.4L/min in maintaining mode




    About 100kg

    Storage Temperature


    Operating temperature

    10℃-35℃, 23±2℃ is recommended


    AC220V/50Hz (Customized)

    Power consumption

    Excitation: 700W / Stand by:100W


    main applications


    It is widely used in metallurgy, foundry, machinery, Metallurgy, Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Research, Product Inspection, Automobile, Petrochemical Engineering, Shipbuilding, Electrics, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Metallic and Nonferrous Metallic Smelting, Processing


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