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High Intelligent Foundry Sand Testing Equipment LED Display Online Testing Available

High Intelligent Foundry Sand Testing Equipment LED Display Online Testing Available

  • High Intelligent Foundry Sand Testing Equipment LED Display Online Testing Available
  • High Intelligent Foundry Sand Testing Equipment LED Display Online Testing Available
High Intelligent Foundry Sand Testing Equipment LED Display Online Testing Available
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WUWAY
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Packaging Details: wood box
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20 + pcs + per month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Molding Sand Testing Machine New Technology: Online Testing Available
Control: By Computer Display: LED
Additional Function: Touch Screen Advantage: Simple And Operating Easily
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universal sand testing machine


foundry laboratory equipment

High-intelligence (computer) modeling material gas permeability tester / casting sand gas emission detector features and technical performance
2.1 Main features of the instrument:
1. The detection and circuit processing system has reasonable design, strong anti-interference ability, stable display data, and accurate and reliable analysis results.
2. PC computer WINDOWS XP platform color operating system, screen display and printing are text, keyboard and mouse with color screen, clear interface, clear tips. The operation is simple and convenient.
3. The analysis process dynamically displays the real-time data, gas volume curve, rapid gas release curve, gas generation time, test temperature and so on. And store various data and curves; query replay, print and other functions to facilitate scientific research.
4. The electronic balance is not quantitatively sampled to improve the measurement accuracy and analysis test speed, and automatically select the digital saw and manually input any choice.
5. The gas-fired tester can automatically measure and display the ambient temperature, furnace temperature and pressure measurement end temperature, and automatically control the pyrolysis furnace and pressure measurement system by computer technology and automatic temperature compensation technology. Make the analysis results stable and reliable.
6. Using the pressure sensor produced by SM Company of the United States, it can collect and process the gas generated at normal temperature and high temperature, and the data is stable and reliable.
7. Constant temperature control of the temperature of the measuring system can be stably controlled at 105 °C. Eliminate the influence of factors such as moisture condensation on gas generation, and the measurement results are more accurate and more realistic.
8. All data collected by the gas tester can still be completely and unrestricted in the database of the computer operating system for query display and printout.
9. The system has strong functions, low failure rate and wide application range. The computer can be used offline.
2.2 Main technical indicators
1. Measurement range 0~300ml/g, the measurement range can be set arbitrarily;
2. The measurement accuracy is less than ±1% of the full scale;
3. Decomposition furnace temperature, room temperature ~ 1200 ° C, accuracy level 1;
4. Measuring system temperature Room temperature - 120 ° C, accuracy 1 level;
5. Timing range Generally 0 ~ 150min; can be set according to the gas situation, time setting is unlimited;
6. Working environment temperature -5--45 °C; humidity 85%; the surrounding environment should be relatively stable.
7. The rated power is not more than 4kW;
8. Power supply voltage AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ;


S.N.Product Name
1Optical Emission Spectrometer
2Foundry Sand Testing Equipment
3Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
4Molding Sand Strength Tester
5Molding Sand Air Permeability tester 
6Molding Sand Gas Evolution Tester
7High Temperature Performance Tester
8Peeling Performance Tester
9Abrasion Tester 
10Melting Point Tester
11Methylene Blue Absorption Tester
12Sample Preparation Machine
13Seiving Sand machine
14Sand Washer
15Sand Mixer
16Drying Oven
17Infrared Drier
18Moisture Tester
18Crushing Index Tester

The company's products and technologies have been recognized by the domestic market in China, and some products have been exported to foreign countries.
The intelligent instrumentation with microprocessor has the functions of data processing, data display and self-calibration, self-checking and self-compensation. Fieldbus technology brings the communication technology of intelligent instrument into the local network stage.
The company also provides customers with installation and commissioning, personnel training, technical support, and one year warranty , lifetime maintenance and all kinds of accessories and consumables.
OEM, ODM can be available. 
We keep up with the pace of technological advancement, online testing, remote control and other functions have gradually been applied in different products, and the application of 5G technology is already in our plan.
Special introduction to high intelligence (computer) modeling material gas tester / casting sand gas detector
1. Gasification refers to the amount of gas that occurs in a specified time after the sample sand, core sand (or other material) sample is heated, and is called the gas volume. It can be expressed in milliliters of gas per gram of sample. Another meaning of gassing is the rate of gas generation, expressed as a plot of the amount of gas produced by the sample versus time.
2. The gasification of sand and core sand (or other materials) is closely related to the quality of the casting. When the molten metal is poured into the sand mold, the sand mold and the sand core are subjected to the heat of the high-temperature metal, so that the water in the sand mold and various additives such as clay, coal powder and the like generate a large amount of gas, and the sand core binder generates The gas is more serious.
3. When the shape of the casting is complicated, a large number of sand cores are required, and the amount of gas generated is high. If the gas generation of the sand and the core sand is not frequently checked, the casting will have a porosity defect, which will increase the reject rate. When controlling the quality of the molding sand used in the wet cast iron parts, if the amount of coal powder in the molding sand can be frequently detected, not only the coal powder can be used reasonably, the material cost is saved, the surface quality of the casting can be improved, and the scrap rate can be reduced. When resin sand is used, by detecting the gas generation property of the reclaimed sand, the residual amount of the resin can be judged, and a large amount of reclaimed sand can be appropriately reused. In short, the determination of gassing has a wide range of uses, and plays an important role in improving product quality, reducing scrap rate, and improving economic efficiency. The high-intelligent computer gas venting tester is a high-intelligent modeling material analysis and testing instrument in the testing instrument industry. It applies advanced microelectronics, computer technology and sensing technology to the detection of material gas and gas generation. Using the gas pressure measurement principle, the automatic measurement of each technical parameter of gas generation is realized, and the computer displays the gas generation and the whole process of gas generation in a timely manner, and prints the analysis result. The instrument is easy to operate and is an indispensable instrument in modern foundry laboratories.

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